Gianluca Ranieri online shop accepts payments with Paypal.

Do you have a Paypal account? Use your account and order your products safely without communicating your bank details to the seller.

Paypal offers the possibility to purchase with the most common methods of payment by credit card, also to NOT HOLDERS A PAYPAL ACCOUNT, without disclosing their bank details to the seller, but the payment is made directly on the platform Paypal safely.


-the number of your credit card is not communicated to the seller.

-protection 100% of all your payments also the return of the goods is much more efficient and quick.

-Every Purchase is confirmed if positive result from Paypal.


-You Can pay quickly and safely your purchases on-line.

-You Can pay by credit card or your bank account.

-You Do not need to tell anyone your bank details.

Paypal is now the method of online payment world's most used