Style. Elegance and tradition in an indissoluble bond, bring to light the wonderful bags of Gianluca Ranieri's Maison Naples. A young brand but deeply connected to the memory of the past craft wich has its roots in the noble values of the Made in Italy, without neglecting the latest fashion trends. Gianluca Ranieri's bag is the result of a long process, a meticulous and successful supply chain: from the selection of leathers and fabrics, the severity of the cut, until the finishing stage. A production process that uses hig quality materials 100% natural in our environment These exclusive products are designed as true works of art, embellished with fine details and accessories in brass, resin and wood masterpieces to wear, to enrich and characterize their image in every moment of the day. A selection of attractive and sophisticated fits as a trait of instinctive and taste a bit retro, ideal for those who do not want to be noticed. A new interpretation of fashion. Gianluca Ranieri's creations are transformed into a value added, highlighting the essence of every woman, making the choice of the accessory an identifying gesture of his own character. The unconventional soul and the attention to detail have propelled the group to invest in a second line, the RANIERI is more versatile than the previous one, but also renowned for quality and style. Creativity in the lines and carefully selecting color and fabrics make Ranieri's bags a master key for anytime, bursting into the everyday with a touch of glamour for a look over the top.


Art, in the broadest sense of the term, means all human activities that lead to creative forms of aesthetic expression based around technical approaches, natural talents and behavioural principles resulting from study and experience. Art is closely connected to the ability to convey emotions. Although artistic expression aims to transmit messages, it is not an actual language – indeed it is interpreted subjectively. When art is seen as a traditional ancient profession that is carried out in accordance with certain rules that have become established over time, it also includes craftsmanship: a specialist activity involving the creation of items for use; in other words, they serve a purpose as well as simply providing decoration. Gianluca Ranieri's exclusive items draw on the profound bond that has always existed between craftsmanship and art. They are put together with great care and make choosing an accessory a declaration of one's identity. Choosing Ranieri reveals a search for exclusiveness in everyday matters; wearing a Ranieri accessory says much more than words could ever do. Although it is a young company, it already has a wealth of experience. It was their awareness of their valuable background that led these young creative talents to put themselves to the test on the market with their exceptional offerings. They are passionate about items made like they used to be, with long production times and meticulous selection of materials. All of this is combined with a great focus on the latest fashions and trends. Natural colours and soft fabrics are given pride of place in its collection, in reference to the versatility of women as they continually change. Great care is taken over the look of these unique pieces, with every single detail designed and conceived to appear unmistakeably as it is. Nature, art and women are the different factors that turn out to be the same in the vision of the Gianluca Ranieri fashion house. Gianluca Ranieri is the Art of wearing Art.